100 Mile House Shambhala: Live on the Web!

header81-DSC03388Today Webmaster Mark Waldron and I invite everyone to join us in celebrating the birth of the 100 Mile House Shambhala website.  Given our small group of members and lack of web building skills, the idea of it seemed remote, even impossible.  I wondered if this would ever happen.  But, here are:  in cyber space with a presence more beautiful than I ever imagined.

It was an exciting, demanding, magical 3 week journey working with our demo site and Word Press.  With great pleasure and deep gratitude to the team at Blue Mandala we join our Shambhala world wide community on the web.

We hope all our friends in the 100 Mile House area will enjoy the website, learn more about who we are, and using our site as a gateway, explore the amazing richness of the world of Shambhala.  Your feedback is most welcome!

7 thoughts on “100 Mile House Shambhala: Live on the Web!

  1. Impressive for me is the determination shown by our friends and community. You continue to offer support in new and unexpected ways….

    You are inspiring and humbling, altogether.

    Sangha! Thank you!

  2. As 2016 arrives, we aspire to give our website offering the attention it deserves.

    Thank you to our Dear Sangha for your ongoing support! Together, everything becomes possible.


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